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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Purpose In This Messed Up World.


Trying to find my purpose in life is very difficult.  I cannot know what the future holds so how can I pick out something to stand for the rest of my life?  And not only that, but I believe God sets a purpose to all life.  I don’t want to pick a purpose because there is a high possibility it is way off from His purpose for me.  Even with not having a clue what my purpose is, I can take a guess at a few possibilities.

One of these is to help animals.  Ever since I was little I have loved animals, and they seem to love me.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a vet.  At home I would play vet with the beanie babies we had, or if one of our animals got hurt I would help doctor it up.  My love for animals, will hopefully lead me down the road to a purpose with helping them, or helping people through them.

Helping people could also be a purpose.  My friends can always come and talk to me about anything.  I am a great listener.  I will let them rant or vent and just sit there.  If they need advice I will try my best to give the best advice I can.  Sometimes it’s great and I need to be reminded of my own words.  Other times, not so much.  It can be pretty random.  The good thing about the randomness to me is I can make people smile and laugh is some of the worst situations.  If they are having a breakdown I can say something so random it makes them laugh.  With this I could maybe be able to help people.  The only problem is that I am not a huge people person, so helping people may not be a good idea. But, I will always help my friends, no matter what.

When you think deeper about your purpose in life, it makes me think, is there more than one purpose to my life?  At this point in life could my purpose be different than when I get older?  Or, am I just set for one path and everything I do is just leading up to that?  There are so many questions that I can’t answer.  If I were to have multiple purposes, that could be a great thing, or terrible.  It could be great because that means my life has more meaning.  I will help the world in more than just one way.  I would have a lot to look forward.  I like to help so, the more the better.  It could be terrible because it could be extremely stressful.  If you know your purpose or in this case purposes, there is more pressure on you.  This pressure could come from others wanting you to fulfill your purpose to its fullest.  And yet, you may pressure yourself more than anyone else could.  I know I would.  If I would know my purpose I would push myself to the edge so that I would do the best job I could, and not let anyone down.

Overall, I don’t know what my purpose is.  And I don’t want to know.  God will pick one for me, if there is one, and when I figure that out it will be when and where it is suppose to be.  If I would know from the get go I would focus so much on that and not on other important things.  Like if it turns out to be helping animals, I wouldn’t want to help people.  If it is to help people I wouldn’t want to help animals as much, because I would know what I am doing in the future and not want to waste time.  When the time comes that I find out my purpose, I will follow it the best I can.  Until then, I plan to go to college. Go on to vet school, and start working at a practice.  Eventually I want to continue my education to learn equine chiropractic and acupuncture.  When I get that I want to start my own business with that. All the while I still want to be able to show my horses on a national level, and when I get a place of my own maybe raise a few foals each year. 

I have big goals for my life, but it is better to aim high and hit on target than to aim right on and hit low.  You got to go big or go home!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Where I am today

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                Where am I?  This question can simply mean your current location.  I will answer that part, but also a deeper part.  Where I am in my life at this moment is a much more complicated answer.
                Where I am currently is a small town in rural Nebraska, on a farm.  I grew up here and this is my home.  I have lived in the same house all my life.  And have been in the same room for the majority of that time.  This house has a spacious back yard for our dogs to run and play, and several pastures.  When I was little we only had one horse now we have 5 on the place and they are what make this place my safe haven.  Also living in this house is my family.  Without them this place would be empty and lifeless.  My dad is the head of the house and protector.  My mom is the caregiver, and my brother is well….a brother.  He is the annoying and loud one.  There is never a dual moment when he is home.
                At this point in my life is where I’m about ready to leave home and go off to college.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I am excited to travel to a new place and have new freedoms and independence, but I am going to have to leave everything I have ever known.  I will have to leave my friends too.  In 6th grade I made the best friend I have ever had and we still are the best of friends.  We joke that we aren’t friends, we are sisters.  I have also made several close friends over the past few years.  They are going to be harder to leave than my family.  But, what are going to be even harder to leave will be my horses.  Anyone who has owned a horse or anyone that has a pet they love will know that the animals aren’t just an animal, they are family.  Going off to college means that I am going to have to sell some, and leave others behind.  While I plan to be on an equestrian team at college, it just won’t be the same as riding my own horse.
                I am also at the point where I know what I want to do with my life; I just have to work at getting there.  My plan after graduating high school is to pursue a vet degree at college.  After I go through about 8 years of college and a lot of debt I want to become a large animal vet and work on farm animals.  While I am doing that I want to learn equine chiropractic and acupuncture.  I know of people that make a living off of just that so that is where I want to end up.  Then I can create my own schedule and be able to maybe raise a few western pleasure foals each year and show at the major shows.  This is a big goal but I am determined to get there.  It will take years upon years, but should be worth it when I get there.  If I end up changing my plan, so be it.  If I change it there will be a good reason.
                At this point in my life I am also old enough to understand the importance of a job and how bad our economy is at the moment.  This makes me worried about the future.  My mom is a person that has to have a plan so I have gotten use to having one.  And looking to the future of the economy is bleak at this time.  My dad reminds me that I can’t plan that far ahead, and I need to focus on the now more than the when.  So this year I am trying to focus more on just this year.  I can worry about my homework, and about having fun with my friends with every spare time I have.  Since I am going to be going away I am spending all the time I can with them, my parents sometimes get mad at me because they think I’m not home enough.
                Overall, I am at home with my friends and family.  I am about to venture off on my own which is a scary thing but I know that they will always be there for me, no matter how far away I go.  I am more responsible and ready for more freedom and independence.  But most importantly, when I leave I will never forget where I came from.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Is Me, This Is Who I Am!

    Who am I? I am Jenna Dee Trumble.  The daughter of Kim and Gregg Trumble, and the sister to Zachary Trumble.  I am a senior at Aurora High School. I am short and blonde.  This can answer the basic part of this question.  The complex side of this question is a little tougher to handle.  Some people spend their whole lives trying to answer it.  I have taken a look at my life and came up with a temporary answer.
    I am not very in involved in the school compared to some people.  Then again, compared to some others, I am very involved.  I play the trumpet in the band, jazz band, and brass quintet. FFA is the other activity I am involved in.  Trumpet playing runs in the family.  My mom played from the time she started in 5th grade to the time she graduated high school.  My dad also played trumpet, but he dropped out of band (like a loser) after elementary school.  Even my uncle was a part of the epicness.  He played through middle school.  FFA is also in my blood.  My dad and both of his brothers were active members all through high school. It's pretty neat that Aurora still has the same instructor for it to.
    Outside of school I am very active.  I live on a farm so I have to help my dad with day to day things.  Mostly it involves hauling pipe in the summer.  By living on the farm and being around my dad and grandpa I have learned what real hard work is.  Also, to go along with the hard work is a great work ethic.  What has taught me this even more than helping on the farm and watching my family is my passion for horses.  When I was little I loved horses.  My parents eventually let me take lessons and now 12 years down the road we own 5 show horses and compete nationally in Appaloosa Horse Club recognized shows.
    I didn't get to this level of showing on my own.  I have had several people who have helped me along the way.  With out them I couldn't have done it.  Thank you doesn't say enough.  Not only have my trainers turned me into a better rider and horsewoman, they have turned me into a better person.  They have made me be responsible and independent.  At lessons I had to get my own horse ready and make some decisions on my own without my parents help.  I also had to make sure I had everything I would need for that days lesson.  Now, I give a lot of credit to my trainers, but they couldn't have done it without the help of my horses.
    To say my horses are my life is about as close to the truth as you can get.  They aren't pets though.  Since they are big animals they have to learn respect, but they have become a part of the family.  A sad fact is this summer both my great grandma and my first horse past away, and I cried more for my horse than my grandma.  This makes me feel bad, but when I sat down and really thought about it, I was a lot closer to that horse than my grandma.  From that little story I have shown you how much I care for these animals.  They can bring me the greatest happiness, the strongest rage, and the deepest sorrow.  With all of this roller coaster of emotions, I still wouldn't trade them for the world.  The life lessons I have learned are priceless.  I have learned confidence from having to preform in front of people.  But, you aren't alone, you have your best friend out there with you.  I have learned time management.  Although I may still struggle with this, when it comes down to it I get my stuff done on time.  I have also learned a great deal of respect.  This respect is for other people's space. When in the show arena you have to give the other horses and riders space for safety.  It is also respect for people/animals in general.  When training a horse they have to respect your space, so you don't get hurt.  The key is that you respect the animal in return.  In life if you respect someone else, they will have a greater chance of respecting you.
    This is no where near all of who I am. At this point in my life, it is all I can know.  We don't know what the future holds and who we will be then.  All we can control and think on is who we are now.  So, who am I?  I am Jenna Trumble. A person who uses life experiences to learn from. Someone who always trys to find the bright side. A kind and caring friend, and a hard worker.  This may all be temporary, but it is what is true at this moment.  Now for the even tougher question, who are you?

This is my deep map. Sorry for the bad picture i didn't get it colored so it is hard to see.

Songs About Me

In class we were assigned to create a life soundtrack.  That is a list of 10 songs that you can relate to your life.  One of my songs is Dirt Road Prayer by Lauren Alaina.